How to Make Money By Promoting Loan apps for students in 2024

Make Money By Promoting Loan apps: Do you want to earn extra cash in your free time? Referring friends to popular loan apps is an easy way to make money from home. Many lending apps offer rewards when you refer users who get approved for loans or financial products. Referral bonuses can range from $10 to $300+ per friend who signs up and qualifies. All you have to do is share your unique referral code or link via text, email, social media and more. Then when your friends use it to apply and meet the requirements, you both earn! It’s a simple, rewarding way to benefit from promoting apps you already use and like. In this article, we’ll break down the top loan app referral programs and how to maximize your earning potential.

Loan apps

Make Money By Promoting Loan apps

Here, I am going to share top companies who are providing referral earning:

SoFi: Earn $300 for each friend you refer

With SoFi, you can earn $300 for each friend you refer who gets approved for a personal loan or student loan refinancing. Your friend needs to submit your referral code when they apply. After they get the loan and make their first payment, you both get the bonus. SoFi loans have competitive rates and you can borrow up to $100,000. This is a great way to earn extra money by telling friends about a loan you liked.

MoneyLion: Earn Stock Reward

Refer friends to MoneyLion and you can earn free stock rewards when they sign up for loans, credit cards, or investing accounts and meet the requirements. Your friends need to use your referral link. Once they complete the actions, you both get stock such as Apple, Starbucks, or Ford shares. The more friends who sign up and qualify, the more stock rewards you can earn. It’s a fun way to get free stocks while helping friends access MoneyLion’s financial products.

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Brigit : Earn up to $75 for each friend You refer

With Brigit, you can earn up to $75 for each friend that signs up for a Brigit loan or subscription using your link. They need to connect their bank account and qualify for an offer. After that, Brigit will send you an Amazon e-gift card for the bonus amount. It’s a great way to get extra cash back when you refer responsible friends in need of a loan option for unexpected expenses that come up.

Chime : Earn up to $75 for each friend You refer

When you refer friends to open a Chime Spending Account using your link, you can earn $75 for each one that meets the requirements. This includes setting up direct deposit. Your friend needs to receive a qualifying direct deposit within 45 days to trigger the bonus payout. Chime will then pay both you and your friend the $75 referral reward. It’s an easy way to earn cash just for sharing a link with friends who could benefit from a Chime account.

EarnIn: Get $25 for every friend you refer

With EarnIn, you get $25 for every friend you refer who gets approved for an EarnIn Pay Advance. They need to use your unique link when signing up and completing their application. Once approved, EarnIn will send you the $25 bonus. EarnIn offers pay advances and loans with flexible repayment options. Referring friends is a simple method to make extra money from home.

Dave:  Earn $10 For each friend you refer

For each friend you refer to Dave who links a bank account and gets approved for a Dave loan, you can earn $10. Send them your referral code during sign up to make sure you get credit. Dave offers small dollar loans with low monthly fees to build credit. Referring responsible friends in need is an impactful way to earn cash rewards while helping them establish positive payment histories.

Possible Finance : Earn $20 for every approved friend

With Possible Finance personal loans, you earn $20 for every approved friend you refer. They need to apply using your unique referral link and get approved for a loan to trigger the payout. Possible Finance focuses on providing accessible, affordable loan options to everyday people regardless of credit. Referring them is an easy way to earn extra money while helping your friends get access to financing.

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The earning potential varies by app, but they commonly reward referrals with cash bonuses or stock when referred users get approved for loans or other financial products. Be sure to check each app’s current referral program terms for the latest details.

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