Easy Way to Earn $75 with Brigit Referral Program

Earn $75 with Brigit Referral Program: Brigit is a financial technology company that offers cash advances through its mobile app. Brigit has a referral program that allows users to earn money by referring friends and family. You can earn $75 for each person you successfully refer to Brigit. In this article, we will explain what Brigit is, how its referral program works, the benefits of the program, and tips on how to earn the referral bonus.

What is Brigit?

Brigit is a startup fintech company based in San Francisco, CA. Brigit’s mobile app is connected to your bank account and credit score. It uses an algorithm to detect when you may run short on cash before your next paycheck. When it anticipates a shortfall, it offers you an instant cash advance up to $250. The advance helps you avoid overdraft fees, late fees, and credit damage.

How to Earn $75 with Brigit Referral Program

Referring Brigit to friends and family can earn you $75 per successful referral. Here is how it works:

  • You share your unique referral link with someone. This link can be found in your Brigit app.
  • Your referral clicks the link, downloads the Brigit app, and completes the signup process including linking their bank account.
  • When your referral receives their first cash advance from Brigit, you earn $75.
  • Brigit deposits the $75 directly into your Brigit account. You can then easily transfer it to your bank account.
  • Your referral also gets a bonus $25 on their first cash advance.

The Benefits of the Brigit Referral Program

There are several benefits that make the Brigit referral program worthwhile:

  • Earn $75 per referral – The high referral amount makes the program very lucrative.
  • Unlimited referrals – There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.
  • Easy tracking – You can monitor your referrals within the Brigit app.
  • Get paid quickly – The bonus is paid as soon as the referral receives their first advance.
  • Friends get a bonus – Your referrals also get $25 on their first cash advance from Brigit.
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Tips to Earn the $75 Referral Bonus

Here are some tips to maximize your referral earnings with Brigit:

  • Share on social media – Post your referral link on your social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Ask your followers to sign up.
  • Text friends and family – Text your Brigit referral link directly to your contacts you think may be interested. This has a high success rate.
  • Email marketing – Send an email to your contact list highlighting the benefits of Brigit and asking them to use your referral link.
  • In-person referrals – Bring up Brigit in conversations when the topic of finances comes up. Offer to send them your referral link.
  • Offer incentives – Consider offering small incentives for people who use your link, like gift cards or discounts. This can increase signups.
  • Join forums – Look for online forums and groups focused on personal finance and share your link there when relevant.
  • Use a link shortener – Use a service like bitly.com to shorten your referral link before sharing it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Earning $75

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to start earning $75 for every person you refer:

Step 1: Sign up for Brigit

Download the Brigit app and complete the signup process. Connect your bank account so you can receive cash advances and referral bonuses.

Step 2: Find Your Referral Link

In the Brigit app menu, go to “Earn” and then click “Refer Friends”. This will display your unique referral link.

Step 3: Copy Your Referral Link

Copy your Brigit referral link so you can easily share it via text, email, social media, and other methods.

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Step 4: Share Your Link

Start sharing your Brigit referral link with family, friends, colleagues, and your networks online and offline. Use the tips mentioned earlier to maximize shares.

Step 5: Track Referrals

Log in to your Brigit app to monitor your referral activity. You can see who has signed up using your link and how many bonuses you have earned.

Step 6: Get Your $75

When your referrals complete the signup process and receive their first cash advance from Brigit, you will receive your $75 referral bonuses!

The Brigit referral program offers an effortless way to earn $75 for each successful referral. Given Brigit’s usefulness as a financial tool, it is easy to share with your personal networks. Within just a few weeks of consistent sharing, you can earn hundreds of dollars in referral bonuses. Sign up with Brigit today and get started referring friends and family right away.

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