How to Make Money on Threads

Threads are conversations that happen online. On Twitter or Facebook, people can reply back and forth to each other. This makes threads. You can make money from threads if you get creative.

First, share links to products you like. If people buy through your link, you earn money. Next, become an expert on something. Start fun threads about it. When people see you know a topic well, they may buy things you recommend. Also, you can sell ads. Popular threads get lots of views. Companies will pay to show ads to your audience.

In addition, collect your best threads in an ebook. People might buy your ebook if your threads are fun to read. Furthermore, ask for donations if fans want help making a project happen. There are many ways to make money from threads. The key is giving people great threads they love reading and sharing. This builds an audience you can earn from.


What are Threads?

Threads are text-based conversations that take place in real time and can be joined by anyone. They gained popularity through the social media app Twitter, but now many other platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and messaging apps also have threading capabilities. Threads allow for back-and-forth public conversations and dialogue between many participants.

Why Make Money?

Threads present some unique money-making opportunities compared to other social media formats. Here are some reasons why threads can be monetized:
  • Threads allow you to demonstrate expertise and build an audience around niche topics.
  • They provide a space for real-time engagement with an audience.
  • Viral threads have potential to gain exposure and traffic.
  • You own the content you create in threads.

Strategies to Monetize:

If you want to make money from threads, here are some proven strategies:

Build a Brand as an Influencer

Become known for starting interesting threads around your niche. Building a following and reputation for quality threads can lead to brand deals and collaborations.

Promote Affiliate Links

Share affiliate links to products relevant to the topic being discussed in your threads. The engaged audience makes threads a good place for affiliate marketing.

Sell Thread Curations and Compilations

Curate your best threads into an ebook or compilation and sell it. You can also license popular threads to publishers.

Offer Paid Subscriptions

Super fans will pay for exclusive access to your threads via memberships or subscriptions.

Crowdfund Thread Ideas

If a thread on an interesting project or concept gains traction, you can crowdfund it to turn the idea into reality.

Host Paid Thread Events

Set up private threads or Clubhouse room-style events that followers pay to access. This works well for comedians, experts, courses, etc.

Charge for Consultations

Threads showcase your expertise. You can charge for individual consultations, advising, and services related to the topics covered in threads.

Utilize Thread Traffic

Popular threads can direct lots of traffic to your website, merchandise, or other monetized assets.

Best Practices for Money-Making

To maximize success, here are some best practices to follow:
  • Consistently post threads on your niche to retain audience interest.
  • Create engaging thread content that encourages discussion, debate, and sharing.
  • Promote your threads across platforms to drive traffic.
  • Provide value for your audience – don’t overly self-promote.
  • Monitor threads to continue interacting with commenters.
  • Develop a distinctive threading style and voice.
  • Collaborate with others to widen your reach.
  • Leverage trends and newsjacking in relevant threads.
  • Use analytics to identify your most popular and effective threads.
Threads represent a promising way for influencers, experts, and creators to monetize content online. By consistently providing value and building engagement, you can develop thread-based income sources. Focus on organic monetization approaches that align with your audience’s interests.
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