Best Instant Loan Apps for $50 Cash Instantly in 2024

Unexpected expenses happen all the time. Your car breaks down, a bill is higher than normal, or you simply need a little extra cash until payday. When you need money fast, an instant loan app can help. Here are 10 top Instant Cash Loan Apps for getting a quick $50 loan through an app.

Best $50 Instant Cash Loan Apps:

Instant Loan apps

Need cash quick for an emergency? Instant loan apps can get you funds fast, usually within minutes or the same day once approved. Here are some top picks for $50 loans:

Earnin lets you borrow against your upcoming paycheck. Dave also advances money based on your income for a monthly fee. Apps like MoneyLion, Brigit, Varo, and Albert offer quick transfers of $50 or more with minimal checks. PayActiv and FloatMe provide wage advances for a small cost. With MoneyMutual, you can get matched with a lender offering fast loans up to $5,000.

The convenience of instant cash is nice when you need it. But only use these apps sparingly for real financial emergencies. Compare costs and terms first. Have a repayment plan ready so you don’t get stuck in debt. Use loan apps as a last resort and borrow responsibly.

With many options now available, you can find an app to get fast access to $50 until your next paycheck. But proceed with caution and borrow only what you can realistically repay.  Here are top picks:

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Best Instant Cash Loan Apps


Earnin is an app that lets you access your already earned wages before payday. If you connect your bank account, Earnin can advance up to $100 per day based on the hours you’ve worked. There are no fees and you tip what you think is fair.

How it works

After linking your bank account, just request a cashout. The money will be deposited instantly into your bank account on the same or next business day. On payday, Earnin automatically withdraws the amount you were advanced.


Dave is another app that provides cash advances based on your upcoming paycheck. If you have recurring income, you can get up to $100 with zero interest.

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Membership model

Dave works through a monthly membership model. You pay $1 per month to access Instacash advances. There are no credit checks or interest fees. Dave just asks for a tip.


MoneyLion offers cash advances through their Instacash feature. As a member, you can get up to $50 transferred instantly to your bank account with no credit check required.

Low monthly cost

By paying a monthly membership fee, you can get Instacash advances whenever you need them. MoneyLion also has products to build credit and earn investment returns.


Brigit analyzes your income and spending to determine your eligibility for a cash advance. If approved, you can get up to $250 transferred instantly to your bank account.

Pay a monthly fee

There are no interest charges with Brigit. But you do pay a monthly fee to access their advances and budgeting tools. So it may work best for frequent users.

Varo Bank

If you have a Varo Bank account, you can quickly get a no-fee, interest free cash advance of up to $50 through the app. You’ll need to set up direct deposit with Varo.

No credit check

Varo does not do a hard credit inquiry for their advances. But you need to have sufficient income deposits to be eligible for their instant cash feature.

Chime SpotMe

Chime’s SpotMe can provide overdraft coverage up to $100 on eligible accounts. There are no fees unless you overdraw your account beyond the SpotMe limit.

Build credit

Chime doesn’t run credit checks for SpotMe. It also helps you build credit history through their secured credit card.

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Albert offers instant cash advances up to $100 for free if you sign up for their debit account. You’ll get the cash within minutes after requesting it in the app.

Budgeting tools

Albert uses AI and machine learning to provide personalized budgeting and financial health tools. This helps you manage cash flow between paychecks.


PayActiv lets you access up to 50% of what you’ve already earned prior to payday. There is a flat $5 fee each time you use it and transfers happen instantly.

Discount programs

PayActiv also helps you save on expenses with discounted gift cards, health care, and other savings programs to help your budget go further.


FloatMe can provide cash advances of up to $50 for a small fee. You’ll need to verify income, bank account details, and identity.

Build credit history

By reporting your timely payments, FloatMe also helps you establish positive credit payment history. This is useful if you need to improve your score.


MoneyMutual is an online lending marketplace, not a direct lender. It connects you with potential lenders offering loans from $50 to $5,000.

Quick loan matches

By filling out one form, you quickly receive offers from lenders that you can review and choose from. This saves you time researching individual lenders.

Key Considerations When Using Instant Loan Apps

While instant loan apps provide quick access to cash, there are some precautions to take when using them responsibly:

Understand the Full Cost:

Fees, interest, and tips can make these loans expensive. Understand the full costs before accepting money.

Borrow Only What You Need:

It’s tempting to get quick cash easily through an app. But don’t take on debt unnecessarily. Only borrow what you can afford to pay back.

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Pay On Time:

Late and non-payments result in fees or other penalties. This makes the loans even more expensive. Set payment reminders to repay on time.

Read the Fine Print

Carefully review loan terms, renewal policies, what happens if you default, and other conditions that impact costs. Don’t get trapped in debt.

Link Checking (Not Savings)

By linking your checking account instead of savings, overdraft risks are lower if the lender makes a withdrawal error.

Using Instant Loan Apps Responsibly

Instant loan apps provide quick access to cash when you need it. But it’s important to borrow responsibly. Here are some tips:

Build an Emergency Fund:

Having savings set aside means you won’t depend on debt when unexpected costs pop up. Aim to build at least 3-6 months’ expenses.

Reduce Expenses:

Review your budget to find areas to cut back on, so you have more cash flow flexibility each month. Every bit helps.

Increase Income:

Can you pick up a side gig for extra cash? Even a few more hours helps create breathing room in your monthly budget.

Review Alternatives

Compare costs of instant loan apps versus other options like credit cards, friends/family, payday loans, etc. Don’t use apps long-term.

Create a Plan

If you use a loan app, have a set repayment plan. Cut expenses where possible to repay the loan as fast as you can. Don’t let debt linger.

Instant loan apps provide a quick way to access emergency funds when you need them. Just be sure to compare options thoroughly, understand the costs, and have a plan for repayment. Used selectively and wisely, they can be helpful for occasional financial shortfalls without the wait of traditional loans. But long-term use can create a debt trap if you’re not careful.

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