How to Earn Money in India 2024

Earn Money in India 2024: The India has become a mobile-first country. Everyone from students to housewives to retired people uses apps on their mobile phones. The app industry has grown hugely in India. Many apps today help people to earn money right from their phones. Here are the top 10 money making apps which will be popular in India in 2024.

Earning money is something many Indians want to do. With the internet, there are now many ways to earn money right from your home or phone. Here are some of the best ways students, housewives, working professionals and anyone can earn money in India in 2024:

How to Earn Money in India 2024?

Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is a simple way people across India can earn money. Sites like Pollfish, SurveysOnTheGo, Survey Junkie etc pay you to take surveys about consumer products/services. Just share your views and get paid for it via Paytm or gift vouchers. Students under 18 can also do this with parent consent.

Content Writing Service to Earn Money

Writing articles, stories, poems etc. is a way to earn good income online. Sites like YourQuote pay you to write engaging content. The more likes and views your content gets, the more you earn through it. This is suitable even for students with good writing skills.

Captioning Images

Apps like WittyFeed, ImagePocket, etc.  pay you to come up with witty captions for viral images, memes, viral content etc. The funnier your captions, the more you earn. This is an easy way to earn that even students under 18 can do.

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Coding Games

For students who know coding, making simple games is a way to earn well. Sites like Roblox let you code games and earn when users play them. The more popular your game, the more money you can make. This develops your coding skills too.

Teach Online

Apps like Vedantu, Byju’s WhiteHat Jr, etc. (48 words) let qualified individuals teach school subjects online to students. You need a computer, internet connection, and teaching skills. Teaching online is rewarding and flexible.

Selling Handmade Products

Handmade products are very popular today. Apps like Etsy let you set up a online shop to sell homemade décor items, jewelry, paintings, clothing, etc. It is easy to get started and sell globally.

Consultation Services

Offering consultation over phone/video in your field of expertise (48 words) is an easy way to earn. Sites like Just Answer let you list your consultation services. Share advice and get paid for your knowledge.

Affiliate Marketing

Promoting products through affiliate links lets you earn commissions. For example, become an Amazon associate and place affiliate links on your site. Earn commissions when users click and buy through your links.

Rent Out Assets

Rent out unused or idle assets like cars, bikes, rooms, furniture, parking space, etc (46 words) to earn money passively. Listings apps like Zoomcar, Oyo, etc make renting out assets easy. You can set your own rental fees and terms.

Deliver Food Orders

Become a delivery partner for apps like Zomato, Swiggy etc. Use your motorcycle/scooter to deliver food orders placed by users on these platforms. Earn based on number of deliveries completed.

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The internet offers so many ways to earn money right from home in India today in 2024. Choose what suits your skills and interests. Start earning money online today!

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