How to Earn Money from Angelone Broker Without Investment in 2024

Angelone, previously known as Angel Broking, is one of the leading stock brokers in India. It provides a platform for investing in stocks, mutual funds, IPOs and more. But did you know Angel One also offers opportunities to earn money without needing to invest your own capital?

In this article, we will look at some smart ways you can earn from Angel One as a broker in 2024 without having to spend any of your own money.

Angelone Earn Money

Become a Sub Broker for AngelOne

One of the best ways to earn from Angelone without investment is by becoming a sub broker. Angel One appoints individuals and firms to acquire clients on their behalf. As a sub broker, you get to use the Angel One brand, platform and suite of investing tools to acquire and service clients.

In return, Angelone pays you a commission on the brokerage charged from the clients you bring in. Typically, the commission structure is such that sub brokers can earn anywhere from 20-50% of the brokerage generated by clients acquired by them.

For example, if the brokerage charged on a client’s trades is Rs 1000 in a month, and your commission rate is 25%, you would earn Rs 250 from that client for the month. So it’s possible to earn steady commissions month-on-month as your clients trade through Angel One.

The best part is you do not need to invest any of your own capital to start earning as an Angel One sub broker. You simply leverage their established brand and platform to acquire clients and enjoy regular commissions from their trades.

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Refer Friends and Earn Brokerage from Angelone

Another easy way to earn from Angel One without investment is through their referral program. Under this, you can refer your friends who are interested in investing to open a Demat and trading account with Angel One.

When your referred friends execute trades through Angel One, you will earn brokerage on their trading volume as a referral bonus. The brokerage earned can range from 20-50% depending on volume and slab.

For instance, if you refer a friend who goes on to do trades worth Rs 50,000 in brokerage volume per month, and the referral rate is 25%, you would earn Rs 12,500 per month from that friend’s trading activity.

So by referring your friends who are keen to start investing, you can start building a steady stream of brokerage income without having to invest anything yourself. The more friends you can successfully refer, the more you earn through the Angel One referral program.

Become a Relationship Manager for HNIs

For those of you who enjoy networking and building relationships, you can earn with Angel One by becoming a relationship manager. Angel One provides the opportunity to take on the role of relationship manager for High Networth Individuals (HNI).

As a relationship manager, you will acquire HNI clients interested in investing large sums. You will then manage their entire portfolio and investment needs, providing advice on financial planning, stocks, IPOs and more.

For acquiring and managing HNI clients, relationship managers earn anywhere from 0.2% to 0.4% as brokerage on the client’s total investment volume through Angel One.

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For instance, by managing an HNI client with an investment portfolio of Rs 50 crores, you could earn up to Rs 20 lakh annually as relationship manager. And you do not need to invest any capital – simply leverage your networking and client management skills.

Partner as an AngelOne Franchise

If you have entrepreneurial ambitions, you can consider partnering with Angel One as a franchise owner. Angel One offers franchising opportunities wherein you can partner with them to open a regional branch office.

As an Angel One franchise, you will acquire clients in your region, for which you will earn brokerage. Angel One provides the brand name, trading platforms, research reports, and training to help you acquire and service clients. You simply need to invest time and effort to build your clientele.

The major advantage again is that you do not need to invest any capital to start earning brokerage as an Angel One franchise. It presents a great business opportunity for those looking to become an entrepreneur in the stock broking industry.

As you can see, AngelOne provides multiple avenues to earn steady commissions and brokerage income without needing to invest your own capital. By becoming a sub broker, referral partner, relationship manager or franchise, you can build earning potential in 2024 and beyond.

If you have the skills and aptitude for acquiring clients, managing relationships or running a branch, partnering with an established brand like Angel One is a smart approach. You minimize risk and the need for capital, while leveraging their platform and tools to start building your earnings.

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So, if you are looking for opportunities to earn from the booming investing industry without financial investment, explore the options with AngelOne. It could open the doors to an exciting and rewarding career as a stock broker.

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