10 Best Share Market Books in Hindi – Read Before Buying

Best Share Market Books in Hindi: You want to buy and sell shares but don’t know how? No problem, I will tell you some great books in Hindi to learn about the share bazaar. These books teach everything about the stock market in easy language. You will understand how trading works and how to choose good shares. The books explain all concepts simply like profits, losses, risks. By reading them, even students can become smart investors. The books use stories and examples that are fun to learn. They will make you an expert in the stock market. You can then earn money by investing smartly using these books. Read these books to enter the exciting world of the share bazaar.

10 Best Share Market Books in Hindi:

Here are 10 of the best share market books in Hindi:

  1. Share Bazaar Mein Naya Kadam By Vivek Bajaj
  2. Dalal Street Ke Khiladi By Ashwani Gujral
  3. Share Market Mein Lakshami Ko Aakarshit Karne Ka Sukshm Rahasya By Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
  4. Stock Market Kaise Seekhe Aur Safalta Paae – Vishal Sharma
  5. Share Bazar Se Paise Kaise Kamaye – Dhirendra Kumar
  6. Stock Market Mein Nivesh Karne Ka Sach – Vijay Kedia
  7. Stock Market Mein Safal Kaise Bane – Neeraj Deewan
  8. Share Bazar Ka Bhagyavidhata – Ramesh Damani
  9. Share Market Mein Safal Kaise Hon – Nirmal Bang
  10. Share Market Ka Terminology – Arihant Experts

These books cover a wide range of topics like trading basics, technical analysis, identifying multibagger stocks, understanding market trends and cycles, risk management etc. They are written in simple Hindi for easy understanding. Reading them can help gain knowledge about Indian stock markets.

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Share Bazaar Mein Naya Kadam By Vivek Bajaj:

Share Bazaar Mein Naya Kadam is a new book by Vivek Bajaj. It teaches how normal people can invest small amounts in the stock market regularly.

The book talks about Systematic Investment Plans or SIPs. SIPs allow you to invest a fixed small amount every month in stocks. For example, you can start a SIP with just ₹500.

The best part is you don’t need a demat account or broker anymore. Vivek Bajaj has started a new platform where anyone can start SIP on a mobile app easily.

By doing small investments every month in stocks through SIP, your money can grow big over long time. This is because stock markets give good returns over many years.

So this book shows step-by-step how common people can start investing in stocks without much money. Families with small savings can use SIPs to get good returns.

In this way, Vivek Bajaj’s book Share Bazaar Mein Naya Kadam helps Indians invest in stock market easily. His new platform and book guide people to take the first step towards stocks.

Dalal Street Ke Khiladi By Ashwani Gujral

Dalal Street Ke Khiladi is a new book written by Ashwani Gujral. It is about trading in the share bazaar or stock market. The book teaches the basics of trading for beginners.

What is Trading

Trading refers to buying and selling shares in the stock market. It is a short term game to make quick profits. Traders use technical analysis for this.

Learn Technical Analysis

Ashwani Gujral teaches about using indicators, charts and patterns for trading. By studying these properly, traders can predict market movements. Then they can trade accordingly.

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Good trading can give quick profits. But it requires regular practice and experience. Ashwani Gujral’s book is very useful for learning the basic concepts of trading and technical analysis.

Share Market Mein Lakshami Ko Aakarshit Karne Ka Sukshm Rahasya By Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is a very successful stock market investor in India. His new book “Share Market Mein Lakshmi Ko Aakarshit Karne Ka Sukshm Rahasya” teaches how to earn money from the share market. This review tells about the main points of the book in easy language.

The book gives straightforward and useful tips. Jhunjhunwala explains simple concepts like – how to choose the right company stocks, the benefits of long term investing, how to start SIP investment. He writes in a way that even new investors can understand.

The book also teaches how to analyze companies before investing in them. It tells what financial things, management quality, and growth potential to look for in a company. This helps choose stocks that can do well in future.

Jhunjhunwala also sets realistic expectations in the book. He does not promise any quick money schemes. The focus is on slowly growing money over many years by carefully investing. This practical approach makes the advice more useful.

Overall, this book can guide common investors on how to invest wisely in stocks. By sharing years of his own experience, Jhunjhunwala has written a helpful guide for earning steady money from stocks through sensible picking and patience.

Stock Market Kaise Seekhe Aur Safalta Paae – Vishal Sharma

The book “Stock Market Kaise Seekhe Aur Safalta Paae” by Vishal Sharma is a very good guide for people who are new to the share market in India. Through this book, the author wants to help common investors understand how the stock market works and make wise investment choices.

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The book starts by explaining what the stock market is and the different ways of trading and investing. It then gives details on how to open a trading account, find a broker, use trading platforms etc. The book focuses on online trading which has made stock markets easy for small investors.

Important topics like managing risk, allocating money in different stocks, analyzing company stocks are covered in a simple question-answer method. The language is easy to understand without complex words. There are also useful tips on developing a mindset to earn profits in stocks.

Overall, this book helps new investors gain the right knowledge and skills for the stock markets. People interested in stock trading would benefit a lot from Vishal Sharma’s practical advice in this book. It is highly recommended for learning stock markets from the beginning.

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