What is CPC SCP on Credit Card Statement?

When you get your credit card statement each month, you’ll notice a list of all the charges you made that billing period. To save space, companies use abbreviated names for the merchants instead of writing out full names. CPC SCP is one of those shortened names you may see. But what does it stand for?

What is CPC / SCP on Credit Card Statement?

CPC stands for Canada Post Corporation. SCP stands for Société Canadienne des Postes, which is the French translation of Canada Post Corporation. Any transaction you made with Canada’s postal service will show up as CPC or SCP on your statement.

Canada Post has over 6,000 post office locations across the country. They deliver mail and parcels to Canadian addresses and internationally. Some of the services they offer are:

  • Selling stamps, envelopes, and mailing supplies
  • Sending letters and packages
  • Money transfers
  • Money orders
  • Customs payment for international deliveries
  • Gift cards

When you use any of these Canada Post services, the charge will appear as CPC or SCP on your credit card statement. It helps the credit card companies shorten the merchant names so they can fit more transactions on your bill.

What Type of Purchases Show Up as CPC SCP?

CPC SCP charges are not only for mailing letters or parcels. Here are some examples of transactions that would be labeled CPC SCP:

  • Buying stamps, envelopes, or shipping boxes at the post office
  • Paying to send a package or registered mail
  • Sending money to someone through a postal money order
  • Paying customs fees when an international delivery arrives
  • Buying a gift card at the post office
  • Pre-paying for postage online at canadapost.ca
  • Paying for delivery of an item you bought online if it was shipped through Canada Post
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So any time you pay Canada Post for one of their products or services, it will show up as an abbreviated CPC SCP charge on your credit card statement.

What If I Don’t Recognize the CPC SCP Charge?

With so many types of transactions labeled CPC SCP, you may not remember making a particular purchase. What should you do if you see an unfamiliar CPC SCP charge?

First, check your Canada Post account history if you have one. Sign into your account on the Canada Post website and look at your past transactions. See if you can find the dollar amount that matches the mystery CPC SCP charge.

If you don’t see it in your Canada Post account, contact Canada Post customer service. Give them the date and amount of the unknown charge. They can look up the details in their system and explain what it was for.

If Canada Post has no record of the transaction, it could be fraudulent. Call the number on the back of your credit card and report the unfamiliar CPC SCP charge. The credit card company will investigate and remove the fraudulent charge. They will also issue you a new card number to prevent future fake charges.

Watch Out for Other Abbreviations

CPC SCP is just one of many shortened merchant names you might see on statements. A few other examples are:

  • RCSS – Real Canadian Superstore
  • WM – Walmart
  • SW – Southwest Airlines
  • MCD – McDonald’s

When reviewing your statement, watch out for any abbreviations you don’t recognize. Look them up or call your credit card issuer right away to get fraudulent charges removed.

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Tips for Spotting Suspicious Transactions

Here are some signs a CPC SCP or other charge could be fraudulent:

  • You don’t recognize making the purchase at all.
  • The merchant name doesn’t match the dollar amount. For example, a $500 CPC SCP charge when you only bought $5 worth of stamps.
  • There are multiple similar charges from the same abbreviated merchant.
  • The charge comes from a city or state you don’t live in or haven’t traveled to.
  • Other fraudulent charges appear on the same statement.

By knowing what CPC SCP stands for and watching for unfamiliar or suspicious transactions, you can catch fraudulent activity early. Report any charges you don’t recognize to your credit card company right away. This will help you avoid being liable for fraudulent purchases on your account.

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